Bulb Energy Review – Our Supplier Recommendation

Bulb Energy ReviewAt Electricity Bill Calculator we pride ourselves on being a fully impartial website with no real bias toward or against any energy supplier, but we know a good deal when we see one, so we wanted to add Bulb Energy as a supplier recommendation to our website.

Our personal switch to Bulb Energy

We had never seriously considered switching energy supplier as EDF Energy had always been a reliable electricity supplier with a simple payment method that suited everyone in our household but back in 2018 we received a high electricity bill from EDF, much higher than we had received previously.

In addition to the high electricity bill not more than a week or so later, we received a letter informing us about further price rises to our tariff for both the daily standing charge and the unit rate (at that time we were on the standard tariff).

This ultimately would have taken our average quarterly electricity bill to almost £500.

So, after a short discussion with the other members of the house, we decided to switch and after some researching, checking out Bulb Energy reviews and a little price comparison we settled on the Bulb Energy Company – aka Bulb.

The Cost to Switch

We were in a fortunate position. Being on the standard tariff with EDF Energy ultimately cost us slightly more but we were effectively out-of-contract and could switch at our leisure. There were no exit fees and switching electricity suppliers for us represented only a win.

The unit rate dropped from almost 20p per unit to 12p per unit, instantly shaving a third off our bill but of course our standing charge jumped from 20p per day to 24p per day, representing a £1.20 per month increase in our bill.

Our average electricity bill with EDF Energy was around £140 per month, with Bulb this dropped to £95 saving us almost £50 per month (£600 per year).

Bulb Service Quality

So, does cheap electricity represent a poor service quality? Absolutely not. Bulb have their own app on the Play store (which suits us perfectly) as well as a much better, easier to use and more carefully considered website than the EDF portal.

Switching took around 3 weeks in which time we registered, sent 2 meter readings and we were done.

We can’t speak for their customer service team. We haven’t had to speak to anyone at Bulb personally over the phone, similarly, no one at Bulb has come to our house.

What’s the Catch?

All sounds great right? Well for us it got even better. Switching to Bulb for us was as risk free as it could get. It cost us nothing to move suppliers and even better, we are not in a contract with Bulb either so if we aren’t happy, we could just switch again.

Ultimately, we are more than happy. We’ve been with them coming up for a year now and would love it if everyone would switch to them, it would perhaps, if nothing else be taking a stand against the larger suppliers, their pricing and how they treat and look after what is a very loyal customer base.

In providing a balanced opinion, it’s also worth mentioning the Bulb Energy unit rate for us went up from 11.949p per unit to 12.96p per unit in August 2018. For our household, this still represents a much lower unit rate than the EDF rate. Just before Christmas 2019, Bulb dropped our standing charge from 24.56p per day to 20.44p per day – Saving us around £1.20 per month.

Should you switch?

Bulb Energy PricingThis is a very difficult and subjective question to answer.

Our opinion would be that if you have no exit fees and would benefit from a significant drop in the unit rate of your electricity and a minor increase in the standing charge then switching could be well worth while.

It may help to calculate your bill using our electricity calculator, we’ve added some functionality to our 'Your Bill' page which compares your calculated bill to Bulb Energy pricing at the bottom of the ‘your bill’ page. This would tell you what you could be saving if you were to switch, then you can make an informed decision.

It's also wise to work on a years billing and try to understand the effects on your bill if pricing changes. It’s probably not worth the hassle of switching energy providers just to save a few pounds as nudges on standing charges or unit rates could cancel out any benefit very quickly.

Be careful when switching. Make sure it makes good financial sense, check for exit fees and ensure it’s in your best interest to switch.

What’s in it for us?

We make some money out of it but only from a Bulb Energy referral, using their referral scheme. We make £50 per referral and the switching customer also gets £50, so everyone is a winner.

We are under no obligation or contract from Bulb, we only recommend them as a supplier because to us, they operate in a way which we believe all electricity suppliers should operate – Passing savings on to their customers.

Whilst it does help us to use our Bulb Energy referral link, you don’t have to, you can go to their website and switch yourself.

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