Your Electricity Bill

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Bill Breakdown

Your actual electricity usage: £125.77
Total standing charges for the billing period: £17.01
VAT @ 5%: £7.14
Your total electricity bill for the period:£149.92

Calculation Breakdown

The amount of units you used in this billing period: 855
The price you pay per unit of electricity in pence: 0.1471
The daily standing charge you pay in pence: 0.189
The total amount of days this billing period: 90

Supplier Switch Comparison

You PayBulb Price (inc. VAT)
Price per unit of electricity0.14710.1301
Daily standing charge in pence0.18900.2044
Total charges for this bill£149.92£129.64
Total possible saving for this period£20.28 (£82.24 /year)

*Savings on Bulb energy tariffs are based on this calculation and this billing period. Prices can vary depending on your postcode and usage.
Always check for any exit fees with your existing supplier before switching.