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Welcome to Electricity Bill Calculator UK. We are the leading online energy bill calculator to work out electricity cost and estimate KWh usage from meter readings or a recent utility bill from your energy supplier. Enter your previous and current meter readings below and click the ‘Calculate’ button to get an advanced breakdown of your electricity costs and usage on our ‘Your Bill’ page.

The ‘Your Bill‘ page uses your electricity meter readings to work out electricity costs, how much you are paying in standing charge costs and also provide possible savings made by switching electricity suppliers.

Our Electricity Bill Calculator can be used with all the UK’s major energy suppliers including EDF Energy, Bulb Energy and E.ON. Simply adjust the unit rate metrics below to get the most accurate bill calculation.

Use the 3 boxes below to enter your charges and billing period.

Electricity Cost Calculator UK

Using our electricity cost calculator to estimate energy bills is quick and simple requiring only your previous electricity meter reading and the current reading.

There are different types of electricity meters, if you are not sure which meter you have, visit our electricity meters page to help you work it out.

Our electricity bill calculator uses industry standard terminology, we know this can be a bit confusing sometimes, so we’ve added an Electric bill FAQ page to make it simpler.

If you need help using our energy calculator, get in touch.

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Electricity Calculator Quick Help

What is a unit of electricity?

One ‘Unit’ of electricity, also known as a kilowatt hour (KWh), is 1000 watts of electricity used for one hour. Your energy supplier will show how many units of electricity you have used on your bill, but our electricity calculator also works this out based on your meter readings.

What is a Daily Standing Charge?

The daily standing charge is the price you pay per day to receive your electricity from your supplier. This is like a connection fee or landline monthly line rental and is separate from the price you pay for your actual electricity usage.

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