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Working out your electric bills couldn’t be easier with our updated calculator. Simply enter your previous and current electricity meter readings and click the ‘Calculate’ button and you’ll be taken to ‘Your Bill’.

‘Your Bill’ provides a breakdown of your usage in chart format as well as a tabulated breakdown of unit usage, energy usage pricing and more.

Enter your price per unit, daily standing charge and billing period in the boxes below and our calculator will use these figures to make an even more accurate energy bill calculation.

The Electric Bill Calculator works with EDF, E.ON, Npower and all other UK electricity suppliers. Simply enter your unit rate and standing charge to get the most accurate calculation.

Use the 3 boxes below to enter your charges and billing period.

Electricity unit rates and charges

A 'Unit' of Electricity: One unit of electricity is exactly equal to 1000 Watts of power used for 1 hour. When entering a figure in the price per unit above, ensure it is in pence, i.e: '12.710' would be 12.71 pence. If you're not sure on the figure you can find it on your bill or just leave the figure as it is.

Daily 'standing charge': Daily standing charge is a fixed amount you pay daily to receive your electricity from the supplier. Think of it like a connection fee, because that's pretty much what it is and you will also have to pay for the electricity you actually use. Enter the amount in pence including a decimal, i.e: '14.50' will be 14 and a half pence.

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Calculating your electric bills is now even easier using our updated electric bill calculator.

The brand new electric meters page will also help you find and identify which electricity meter you have in your home.

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