About Electric Bill Calculator

Electric Bill Calculator is a useful tool for calculating and confirming your electricity bill using your meter readings.

For a more precise calculation of your electricity costs you can also enter your unit rate, standing charge and billing period. These figures should all appear on any of your previous bills.

Initially built in 2013, the Electric Bill Calculator is a simple online tool for estimating your electricity bills.

The first build of the site featured just a single page with a handful of inputs to work out bills. Over the past 3 years the site has now grown into a multi-page website with more inputs and feedback for visitors than ever.

We’ve added additional useful pages such as how to reduce electricity bills as well as our newest addition about gas meters. Over the next 12 months we hope to further improve the site making it an even more useful resource for our visitors.

Future Improvements

  1. Calculation charting and even more information on the ‘your bill’ page.
  2. Visitor accounts system to allow our loyal users to save the calculations.
  3. Economy 7 and Economy 10 implementations.

Even More Energy Bill Calculations

If you need to calculate more than just your electricity bill take a look at our popular Gas Bill Calculator, which is used by thousands of visitors each month to estimate their gas bills. The newest additional to our calculator tools is the Water Bill Calculator which is set to undergo a huge update in 2016.

Getting In Touch

If you need to get in touch with us about suggestions, please use our Facebook page here.