Electric Bill Calculator – United States

Welcome to our Electricity bill calculator for the United States. We’ve noticed we get quite a lot of visitors from America wanting to work out their US electric bills, so we have added this new section to our website to make things a little easier. If you are based in another country, please use our standard electricity calculator by picking 'United Kingdom' from the dropdown above.

Our Electricity Bill Calculator for the United States works in almost the same way as the UK version except you can enter your usage in KWh to calculate your bill as well as using your electricity meter readings. Once you click Calculate Now you’ll be taken to ‘Your Bill’ to see a breakdown of your electric usage and billing information.

As this version of our bill calculator is currently in beta stage we would love to here your feedback so please contact us to allow us to make it even better.

If you don't know your meter readings, enter your electricity usage below:

Use the 3 boxes below to enter your charges and billing period.

Electricity Cost Calculator – United States

There are a thousand different websites out there for working out your electricity bills, but none are quite as good as our website which provides advanced billing information including usage and breakdowns.

This new area of our website is purely for our cousins in the United States so monetary values are in cents and dollars and you can enter your electricity usage not just meter readings.

Our calculator uses values that can be found on your latest electricity bill from your supplier or online in your account section.

If you need help using this energy calculator, get in touch using our new contact page.

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Quick Help

Where can I find my usage?

Your electricity usage can be found on the latest energy bill from your supplier, if you can't find it then try using your meter readings instead, this can be more accurate depending on the age of your previous bill, the more recent the better.

Where can I find my Electricity meter?

Usually your meter is located in a place with easy access for your electricity supplier to read it, in the United States this can often be outside the property or in a communial area such as hall or entrance to a property. If you still can't find your meter you can always call your supplier who may be ablve to help.

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